October has been a busy month for children at the school, according to Interim Principal Brian Buckley. Grades 1, 2 and 4 went to the Deerfield Fair, third-graders traveled to Salem to visit New Hampshire's "Stonehenge" and further their geological studies, and kindergarten children visited the Seabrook fire station part of the school's emphasis on community safety. Preschoolers weren't left out — they visited Applecrest recently.

Buckley thanked the many parents who take time out to accompany teachers on field trips and all the school's wonderful volunteers. He said the staff wishes our classes the very best as they learn and have fun on these worthwhile field trips. Congratulations to all of the school's volunteers for again being honored with the "Blue Ribbon Award" by the New Hampshire Department of Education / New Hampshire Partners in Education for SES's outstanding volunteer program for last school year, 2009-2010.

Special thanks goes out to Seabrook Parent-Teacher Organization members for organizing this fall's fundraiser program with Granite State Fundraising.

• • •

Seabrook Elementary School welcomes back its Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, funded by USDA. This grant was awarded to the food service department during the summer of 2009.

This program allows the food service department to supplement students' daily snack at no charge by offering a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Each morning, trays of fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered to the classrooms for the students to enjoy a nutritional treat.

• • •

Safety is paramount and it is being stressed with bus evacuation drills and practices of fire safety procedures. Members of the Seabrook Fire Department will visit to discuss fire safety and precautions with students along with up-close and personal visits to the fire station to get a look at the town's fire and emergency apparatus.

Students will also be reminded of safe and healthy choices and practices in and out of school. With Halloween right around the corner, safety reminders are always helpful.

• • •

As October is National Bus Safety month, and parents are asked to review simple rules meant to protect their children from harm.

When waiting for the bus, make sure children stay away from traffic.

Board the bus one student at a time, single line to prevent falls.

While aboard the bus, children should find a seat and sit down and remain seated until arriving at their stop.

Keep conversations low; loud talking and noises can distract the driver.

Never extend head, arm or hands out the window.

Never throw objects on the bus or out of the window.

When exiting the bus, prepare to exit only once the bus has come to a complete stop.

Gather belongings and exit in an orderly fashion.

Stay far away from the bus after exiting the bus.

• • •

New Hampshire's state student assessment program, the New England Common Assessment Program, or NECAP, runs until Oct. 22, with make-up tests for absentees given the following week. Students in grades 3 and 4 will be assessed in reading and mathematics.

NECAP tests are designed to measure a student's progress in meeting New Hampshire's Grade Level Expectations, or GLEs. The GLEs define the knowledge and skills a student should have mastered by the end of each school year.

The reading test includes short and long reading passages that are followed by several multiple choice questions and one or two "constructed response" questions, which require a short, written answer.

The mathematics test includes multiple choice, short answer and constructed response questions. A constructed response question requires students to show their work and/or explain their reasoning.

Each test session takes 60 to 90 minutes, Three days of mathematics and three days of reading tests will be administered. Test results for all students will be available in early 2011.

Parents can assist students to do their best, by making sure children understand the importance of the tests, are well rested, have a good breakfast and arrive to student on time.

• • •

Thursday is an early release day for all SAU-21 children. Students will be dismissed at noon; lunch will be served.

• • •

Betsey Ross is the Seabrook School correspondent; she can be reached at bross@sau21.org or at 603-474-2252.

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