NEWBURYPORT — A West Newbury man will debut his movie, “Democracy Through the Looking Glass: Media and Politics in the Post-Truth Era,” at 7 p.m. on Saturday at the Firehouse Center for the Arts.

The documentary, filmed during the 2016 New Hampshire presidential primary, examines the shortcomings of traditional media practices that often do not reflect the interests and concerns of voters.

“The movie is about our broken political information system, and there is no better place to document the interactions of the media, politicians and voters than right over the border in the New Hampshire primary,” said Kevin Bowe, a resident of West Newbury.

“One thing that unites Americans of all political stripes is their dissatisfaction with the media, yet that subject does not get close scrutiny because the media does not cover the media. I did,” he said.

Bowe spent nine months embedded with reporters and camera crews, covering more than 100 campaign events and press conferences. 

He supplemented his field recordings with analysis from veteran CBS journalist Bob Schieffer and Charles Sennott, founder and director of The Ground Truth Project, as well as academics from New England universities.

“It is a great laboratory to observe what the media decides is news based on how they cover the candidates and events. There certainly is a media bias, but not the kind most people think exists,” Bowe said in a statement.

“Technology is changing the way we, the consumer, receive and react to news. This impacts how media companies market the news for the ‘anywhere, anytime, anybody’ world.” 

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