WEST NEWBURY — Town officials have negotiated a three-year contract with the Department of Public Works’ highway crew.

The crew are members of Teamsters Union Local 170. The contract runs through June 30, 2022.

Wages will increase by 3% this year and 2.5% in the two subsequent years, according to the contract. The person holding the “lead man” position in the department will receive $30.58 hourly in 2019, $31.35 hourly in 2020 and $32.13 hourly in 2021.

Hourly wages for other employees for the next three years are: experienced equipment operator, $27.87, $28.57 and $29.28; equipment operator, $27.32, $28 and $28.70; truck driver, $24.46, $25.07 and $25.70; and laborer, $21.03, $21.56 and $22.10.

Workers will receive an annual bonus of $400 after three years of service; $600 after 10 years; and $900 after 15 years. The contract stipulates that having specific licenses and certification will pay a $500 annual stipend, plus an additional $500 for those obtained that are specifically required by the town or approved by the DPW director.

Employees would receive overtime pay of time and a half for working beyond a 40-hour work week of eight hours per day. Workers who are called in before or called back after a scheduled shift receive a minimum of four hours of overtime.

The person designated as the “on-call employee” receives a $300 stipend for the seven-day on-call period. This 24-hour position is designated on a rotating basis.

Holidays are paid at the regular rate. Employees who work on a designated holiday receive overtime pay plus eight hours of holiday pay at the straight rate, except on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day, when the rate is two times the employee’s regular pay.

For the first five years of employment, a worker receives 10 vacation days; 15 days starting the fifth year; 20 days at the 10-year mark; and 25 days at 20 years.

Employees receive 12 sick days a year. Unused sick days can accumulate from year to year up to 120 days. Workers are entitled to 10% of the maximum accumulated unused sick days paid at their current hourly rate when they stop working for the town.

They will receive one personal day per year, with an additional personal day provided to workers who use less than five sick days and one more personal day granted to those who use no sick days in the previous fiscal year.

Their health insurance is subsidized at 65% by the town, as is true for other town employees. Workers who opt out of the town’s health plan or participation in the local Teamsters health and welfare plan receive an annual $600 opt-out bonus.

A $750 annual clothing allowance is available and reasonable mileage, parking fees and tolls are reimbursed when employees are required to use their own vehicles while performing official duties.

Employees can authorize wage deductions to cover union dues and can be reimbursed for continuing education costs. All highway workers are required to live within 15 miles of the town.

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