U.S. Sen. Ed Markey on Friday condemned U.S policies at the country’s southern border as well as President Donald Trump’s attacks on Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley.

“We stand with Ayanna, and we stand with our immigrant community as well,” Markey said.

Trump this week criticized Pressley and other women of color in the House, suggesting they “hate” America and said they should “go back” to the countries they came from. Pressley is originally from Chicago. Markey said he has talked with Pressley about the incident, and said Trump’s comments were “race-baiting,” and were being used as a reelection strategy.

“I’m proud of her, I’m proud of what she is standing for and fighting for and the fact that she is the person that is being attacked by President Trump — someone born in Cincinnati, raised in Chicago and a congresswoman from Massachusetts — as someone who should go back to where she came from is just an indication that race-baiting is going to be at the core of the reelection plan of Donald Trump,” Markey said.

Following his tweets, which were denounced by many as racist, Trump said the four Congresswomen were “socialists definitely. They’re free to leave if they want. And if they want to leave that’s fine, and if they want to stay that’s fine, but the people have to know. And politicians can’t be afraid to take them on.”

Markey visited migrant detention facilities at the border last Friday and said the conditions he saw were “inhumane.”

“We’re engaging in unconscionable activity in the United States and in the name of the American people, and Donald Trump is wrong,” he said. “All of his hateful language, which he has spewed out to create a climate of hate in our country is absolutely antithetical to who we are as a people.”

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