WORCESTER (AP) — A Massachusetts man told a judge he wants to take responsibility for his actions and admitted to robbing two banks without striking a plea deal.

Samuel Baptista pleaded guilty Monday to bank robbery charges for robbing two banks in six days using a bomb threat.

Baptista apologized to his family in court and indicated that his substance use led to the robberies.

“That’s not like me to do what I did,” Baptista said. “I feel very guilty about it.”

Baptista, 27, robbed TD Bank in Worcester of $10,000 on Oct. 20 and paid a passerby over $4,000 to drive him to Salem, authorities said.

He then robbed East Boston Savings Bank six days later in Revere for almost $2,000, authorities said.

Police caught Baptista inside Northgate Shopping Center after the second robbery when witnesses described the red taxi he caught to flee the scene.

“I did it. I did it.

You got me,” Baptista allegedly told Revere police when he was approached.

“The money is (in) the bag.”

Baptista told police he never had any weapons or bombs, and none were recovered when he was taken into custody.

Baptista will be sentenced June 11.

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