SALISBURY — A $13.5 million plan to install sewers on Lafayette Road was handily approved by voters Monday night at the spring Town Meeting.

The proposed sewer project brought plenty of residents to the Salisbury Elementary School cafeteria for the annual meeting, but not as many as a more ambitious project did a year ago.

A $26.6 million proposed sewer project last year would have installed sewers all along Lafayette Road but it was defeated by a record Town Meeting turnout.

The $13.5 million plan approved by a wide margin Monday night will only extend sewer service on Lafayette Road from School House Lane to the New Hampshire border. 

The town's $27.8 million operating budget was also approved Monday night. The budget includes a $450,000 Proposition 2½ override adopted by voters May 14. 

The proposed Ring's Island Neighborhood Preservation District will become a reality after it received approval from more than two-thirds of Town Meeting voters.

Voters also approved renewal of the town's cable franchise agreement with Comcast, as well as $16,000 to fund a first-year payment on a four-year lease-purchase agreement for a new police administrative vehicle.

In addition, voters adopted a proposal to charge $30 for written demands for unpaid real estate, personal, sewage use, motor vehicle or boat taxes.

Since a plan to erect a dual-faced digital billboard at 109 Rabbit Road has met with plenty of public opposition, a measure to ban any digitally or electronically projected billboard over 200 square feet was approved Monday.

Voters decided to set an annual spending limit of $75,000 for the operation and maintenance of the town's recycling center.

A request to borrow $350,000 to fund the rehabilitation, improvement and/or restoration of Liberty Street was approved.

Voters cleared the way for a potential brew pub and/or a brewery in Salisbury Square's Village Center Zoning District.

A proposal to amend the town’s zoning bylaw to include new parking requirements was not adopted. The measure required two-thirds approval but the vote in favor of the proposal was 56-40.

A permanent easement at 100 Lafayette Road was granted to Massachusetts Electric Co. and another easement was granted to the town for a recreational trail at 138 Elm St.

A request for $100,000 to float the cost of the collective bargaining agreement between the town and Salisbury Firefighters Local 4694 was approved at the Special Town Meeting, which was held before the spring Town Meeting.

Also approved during the Special Town Meeting were a request for $80,750 to match a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant to purchase emergency generators for Town Hall and the Hilton Senior Center; $42,500 to match a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness grant to fund the design and engineering costs for a proposed project to relieve flooding conditions on Ferry Road and March Street; $30,000 to retrofit the town's streetlights to light emitting diodes; and $52,000 to purchase and install six parking kiosks and related signs at Salisbury Beach.

Voters also approved $30,000 for retirement benefits; $10,000 in employment compensation benefits; $910 to purchase three new bicycles and related accessories for town employees; $6,327 for tax title expenses; $125,000 to fund the engineering and design costs for replacing the water main on Bridge Road; $25,000 to fund a portion of a study to upgrade the water infrastructure on Railroad Avenue; and $25,000 to fund a portion of a study to upgrade the sewer infrastructure on Railroad Avenue.

In addition, voters allocated $120,000 to construct a storage facility at the town's wastewater treatment plant; $55,000 to replace or repair water hydrants; $250,000 to replace water mains; $45,000 to replace gate valves; $40,000 to inspect the North End Boulevard and Beach Road water tanks; and $95,000 to replace a right angle drive motor in a generator at Well 7.

Staff writer Jim Sullivan covers Amesbury and Salisbury for The Daily News. He can be reached via email at or by phone at 978-961-3145. Follow him on Twitter @ndnsully.

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