Hemp has long had an identity crisis because it's a type of cannabis, the same plant as marijuana, but without the THC that produces the "high" of pot.

Restoring the bald eagle population to healthy numbers in Massachusetts has been a decades-long project. The bird was once all but wiped out in the Bay State and the rest of the country thanks to the widespread used of the pesticide DDT in the 1950s and '60s.

The Daily News will not publish letters pertaining to candidates in the Salisbury and Newbury town elections after Monday, May 10, except at the discretion of the editor. Both elections are Tuesday, May 11. Letters are published in the newspaper as space allows. Letters should be kept to 500…

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One way Democrats and Republicans make sure they remain political gatekeepers, here and everywhere, is by keeping a firm grasp on whose name gets on the ballot, particularly for a statewide election. The process is exclusionary by design. Cracking it even a hair can be counted as a victory f…

It’s not like state education leaders have been relaxing without much to occupy their time, after more than a year spent ripping apart and rebuilding public education in a pandemic. But guidelines for screening for dyslexia, particularly in the elementary grades, are a long time coming.

In addition to genetics, we are the sum total of the experiences and people with whom we’ve crossed paths in our lifetimes. At the risk of omitting some who have been important along the way, here’s my own list:

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The difference between a policy and a law in state government is that the former can be ignored or altered, depending on who is in charge, and the latter carries the weight of the Legislature and the governor’s signature.

“It’s human nature to stretch, to go, to see, to understand. Exploration is not a choice, really; it’s an imperative.”

It’s so easy, in the course of our day-to-day lives, to get caught up in the political preoccupations of the moment.

Just in time for Earth Day 2021, environmental advocates have recently enjoyed some major – and long overdue - successes. Only three months into the year and the forecast for dealing with the climate crisis seems to be looking up.

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