Summer vacation begins this year with far less excitement than usual. For families, lost connections to teachers and classes, such as they’ve been these past couple of months, also mean a loss of important services, namely school lunch.

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Canceling a long-awaited school trip to a European capital is painful enough. The headache of many families trying to get their money back makes it worse.

On April 20, the price of oil fell to a minus $37. Oil producers were paying to have the stuff hauled away! Black gold lost its shine. This event has no precedent.

From the excitement of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions to the highs and tragic lows of the space shuttle program to the technical brilliance of the landing of the rover Opportunity on Mars, the country’s exploration of space has always brought us together.

For the last two months and more, I have been watching with growing alarm as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across America from my perch in lock-down in Rome, Italy. The death toll in Italy at this writing is just over 27,600 and thankfully slowing. Tragically, that figure has already been nea…

Never mind the coronavirus. If you don’t keep your social distance at a driving range, with at least six feet of separation between you and other golfers, you invite a whole new set of health risks.

There’s no such thing as contradiction. Truth is garbage. Logic is a joke. Ethics are for losers. All that matters is what his base believes.

Forty drivers, all wearing masks, engaged in serious, high-speed social distancing Sunday, blasting around the oval track for NASCAR’s Real Heroes 400 race – with a huge virtual audience and barely a soul in the grandstands in Darlington, S.C.

The details of Charlie Baker’s reopening plan for Massachusetts businesses will start to emerge Monday. By all accounts, however, any restart of the economy will be measured and necessarily slow. As the changes roll out, state officials must continue their work to help companies reduce expen…

While waiting in my dentist’s office awhile back, I looked at the pile of magazines and found The New Yorker, December 2019. Not bad, it could have been 2018. As I got to Page 69, I saw a picture of a man I hadn’t seen in 65 years: Moondog.

It has become clear in recent weeks that COVID-19 is creating a mental health crisis that could outlast the virus itself. Emergency telemedicine measures put into place by the Baker administration at the outset of the pandemic could help address the issue, if they are made permanent. 

It would probably warrant celebration at any other time. Reports of abuse and neglect filed with the Department of Children and Families are down by half. But in light of a pandemic, stay-at-home advisories and social distancing, the frightening fact is that fewer calls undoubtedly mean abus…

Uncertainty inhabits much of our lives, especially now. Periods of uncertainty can be episodic or indeterminate.

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