To the editor:

When I learned about Fran Dalton's passing, a deep sadness was felt in my heart. However, I was so happy to see that Victor Tine had written such a wonderful article about Fran. Yes , Fran was from Lawrence and I lived across the street from the Dalton family. Fran was Francis to his mother and Frank to us all. Of course, we all grew up and Frank went into the service and then was a teacher at Lawrence High. I got married had seven children and we rarely saw each other.

Then lo and behold, I bought my house in Newburyport and made my first visit to Daley's and there was Frank. We hugged and renewed our old friendship. I worked on Pleasant Street for Community Action, so I would see him daily. Later on after Community Action and Daley's I would see Frank as he changed into Fran, still the wonderful, kind and talented person he always was. Fran will be missed; however, I know that he left with many wonderful memories and touched the hearts of many.

Marilyn Quinlan


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