To the editor:

Curtis Pishon, my brother, was murdered on July 5, 2000.

While we know this to be true based on the informed opinion of detectives at the Seabrook Police Department, all traces of him have disappeared. But his story, his spirit, still walks the streets of Seabrook like a haunting memory that will not go away. His story persists in whispers around town and in newspaper articles. Even in online forums where accusations about the local person reputed to have killed him, the people who helped him and where his remains might be, fill up page after page after page. Often the pages are filled with vile attacks and hatred between different family members or factions of people close to my brother's killer. So much so that I have stopped reading them. And yet, with all this discussion and knowledge, even in a public forum, my brother's remains are still missing. People have claimed his bones are buried in Seabrook, beneath cement freshly poured following the murder. Hundreds of people in Seabrook have no doubt driven by the property, within yards of where my brother was unceremoniously buried.

Each year on the anniversary of his murder, we make this plea to the Seabrook community, and those in the area who may know critical information about my brother's killer: "If you have direct knowledge of the events on that night of July 5, 2000, please contact the Seabrook police or the Cold Case Unit. Provide credible, attributable information that leads to his remains and let us bring him home. And your tortured soul, and all those involved, can find resolution in the process that follows."

Statutes of limitation have run out for all except the one who actually committed the murder. Perhaps the person who did this is threatening you or your family. Ask yourself if it is worth it, living in fear of this person who may have already done this to someone else. They may yet still harm you or your family. Lies and deception never bring healing. Secrets rarely stay hidden for long.

While the Seabrook community has managed to do so for quite a while, I'm convinced that the pain this is causing you grows stronger every day. Perhaps you find yourself stressed, ill, looking over your shoulder everywhere you go. Fear is no way to live. Pain is no way to live. Clear your conscience and help my brother's spirit rest. Help our family move on. If not for us, then do this for yourself and those you love.

Our website contains all contact information for our tip line, the Seabrook police and the Cold Case Unit.

Crystle Pishon

Contoocook, N.H.

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