To the editor:

Thankfully, the mid-term elections are behind us.

Although I am disappointed the Democrats lost the House, I was relieved that the "tsunami" everyone predicted for so long turned out to be more like a Plum Island high tide during a nor'easter.

To be sure, the tea party/GOP House gains were impressive, but they fell far short of the 80-, 90- and even 100-seat "tsunami" many right-wing pundits and prognosticators were predicting just days before the election.

Now, let's brace ourselves for the real fun as the 2012 presidential contest begins to heat up in earnest, and the Tea Party rebels and Republican elites try to make their unholy alliance work.

I mean, if folks thought 2010's political season was over the top and around the bend, those folks had best fasten their seat belts because the really bumpy ride is about to begin.

As I read Laurel Allgrove's letter to the editor on Nov. 4 in The Daily News, I couldn't help but smile. Laurel is a good friend of mine; and as much as I too wish those who were returned to power this year or are heading to Washington for the first time in January would put the nation's interests ahead of their own narrow political interests, I am enough of a political realist to know, as they say up in Seabrook, it ain't gonna happen.

During the heat of the campaign, the Republican/Tea Party coven made a pledge to America about restoring fiscal responsibility and limiting the growth and size of government.

That's all well and good, but they also said, amidst their calls for ongoing tax and spending cuts, they would not cut any programs pertaining to the elderly, our troops or national security.

Well, that means not talking intelligently about Social Security, Medicare and the defense budget, all potential budget busters that, if left unaddressed, all but guarantee the country will be running deficits for decades into the future with no hope of restoring some semblance of fiscal sanity to our national finances, especially if the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 1 or 2 percent of Americans are made permanent.

But that's the pledge the supposed fiscally conservative GOP/Tea Party coven has made to the people of America.

And, at least in the short term, many gullible and easily duped Americans have bought the scam hook, line, and sinker.

But it was with a great deal of pride that I was able to tell my non-American friends here in Costa Rica the day after the election that, at least in the neck of the woods where I'm from, the North Shore of Massachusetts, the voters saw through the lies, the smoke and mirrors and the overt bigotry and fear mongering, and loudly rejected the dishonest, disingenuous and discriminatory dissembling of the tea party movement and its patrons in the Republican party.

But no one should have any illusions that we are entering an era of better or more responsible governance, not even my good friend Laurel.

Michael Cook

Costa Rica

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