To the editor:

No More Fukushimas wholeheartedly endorses Ed Cameron for state representative for the 1st Essex District. Ed realizes that because Amesbury, Newburyport and Salisbury are in the Seabrook nuclear power plant’s evacuation zone, the lives and livelihood of his constituency are at serious risk. Ed has called for a shutdown of the Seabrook plant, joining the current 1st Essex District’s state delegation —Sen. Kathleen O’Connor Ives and Rep. Michael Costello — in calling for a shutdown.

Ed has done his homework on Seabrook. First, Ed has listened to resident concerns. When Newburyport Councilor at-large Barry Connell introduced a first-of-its-kind municipal resolution to the Newburyport Council on Seabrook safety, Ed signed on as a co-sponsor. 

At the council meeting, Ed heard from a large number of residents who spoke about their deep concerns regarding the Seabrook plant. These concerns included 1) the impossibility of a safe evacuation especially during winter storms, storm surges, and summer beach congestion; and 2) the discovery of concrete degradation at the plant in the form of alkali-silica reaction (ASR) throughout the plant’s foundation. It was noted that not too long ago there was a 4.0 earthquake only 60 miles from the Seabrook plant.

Ed also did due diligence by attending Nuclear Regulatory Commission public meetings in Hampton to learn first-hand about Seabrook’s plant longterm study to assess ASR. Ed heard to his dismay that scientists from the Union of Concerned Scientists — joined by the C-10 Foundation — have determined that the plant’s study is fatally flawed. It makes no sense to wait for the results of a study, especially one paid for by the Seabrook plant itself, which is fatally flawed.

Ed understands that NRC oversight of the plant has been extremely weak. For example, he learned that the on-site NRC inspectors failed to discover ASR in the course of their inspections even though there were numerous and highly visible ASR cracks in key safety structures and water on the floor of safety-critical tunnels — a red flag that the NRC’s inspectors missed completely. This failure is inexcusable since these inspectors are at the plant seven days a week.

Finally, Ed could not ignore the horrific bottom-line lesson from the Fukushima disaster: Nuclear power plant disasters can and do occur even in the one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries. It is simply not worth the risk posed by this or any form of energy to risk the lives and livelihoods of tens of thousands of people.

In taking a strong leadership stand on Seabrook, Ed has shown he would be ideal as our state representative — one who listens to his constituents, does his own first-hand research, and takes a stand that places his constituents’ safety as a top priority. We urge you to support and vote for Ed Cameron for our state representative on Nov. 4.

Joanna Hammond


Co-founder, No More Fukushimas

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