Two years ago last month I wrote a letter to the editor about the dangers of pit bull attacks, not only in this country but all around the world. My letter was based on research of these aggressive and dangerous dogs over the previous 10 years and an attack on three innocent people at the Seabrook Shopping Plaza merely going to their cars. The owner at that time told us that they had escaped but were good dogs.

That owner's explanation has been told too many numerous times and is a poor excuse for these dogs who attack, maul, and kill and have killed infants, toddlers, children, adults, other dogs, cats and farm animals.These are all facts and the sad and horrific part of it is that it happens daily. Allow me to repeat that again – it happens daily and there are as many as five or more attacks daily.

The pit bull owners who try to defend these dogs are not in touch with reality. All I ever hear is its how they were raised. This is not true. It's not how they were raised! It's genetic and instinctive. For example, bloodhounds follow scents, retrievers retrieve, pointers point when they find the pheasant that has been gunned down, and pit bulls attack, maul, and kill. This is what they do. They are not family dogs or nanny dogs. Pit bull owners please accept this because they also turn and attack without provocation their owners  – even after having owned them for years. Again this is what they do.

These are just a few of the headlines, stories, and pictures from just three days on

"Five-year old child nearly mauled to death by family pit bulls still fighting for his life;12-year-old boy mauled by family pit bulls in Dover, Delaware; An infant boy killed by pit bulls in Lafayette, Indiana; an 82-year-old grandmother brutally attacked by 2 pit bulls."

These are just a few examples of what these dogs do. In Oklahoma a few weeks ago two loose pit bulls slaughtered 50 farm animals while the family was away at the time. People cannot walk their dogs, let their dogs and cats out in their own yards, kids cannot ride their bikes or wait at a bus stop without fear that pit bulls will attack them.

An 11-year-old boy lost part of his lip last week. Kids are disfigured for life. And two pit bulls killed 29 cats in a shelter. In 2019 their were 46 fatalities from dog attacks, 39 of those were pit bulls.

Michael Vick didn't use Goldens or setters in his dog fighting ring for a reason and we all know why that was its because they were bred to fight and kill and they don't let go.

Shelters are overloaded with unwanted pit bulls, pit bull terriers and mixes because no one wants them because they are aggressive. Some people who do adopt them, not knowing their history, take the dog home and the dog kills their infant or them. These attacks are a crisis that needs to be addressed now.

Exterminate the breed and stop breeding them, otherwise these innocent lives and animals killed by them will never end. 

The local news in every town or city should be reporting these attacks every night to make others aware of these dangerous dogs. Pit bull owners should go to pit bull attacks on Youtube or just punch in "pit bull attacks" on the internet. In the period from 2005-18, dogs killed 471 Americans. Pit bulls contributed to 311 of them or 66%.

Larry Giantonio lives in Newburyport.

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