After going through a winter and all of its cold, raw wind who wouldn’t welcome this time of year? It seems so heart warming to watch Mother Nature developing. Having some yard work to do is always acceptable. Especially in these golden years I am alway anxious to get outside again. I am limited to how much I can do these days. If I can get out a little each day to work on the property it is rewarding. Also, I believe getting your hands into the soil is beneficial. Just the weeding to be done is plenty. I can get down on my knees OK but the getting up takes some doing!

I think back on my youth in Newburyport when every spring some Roma who were traveling through would appear. There was a small group of them living on Beach Road in Salisbury. Back then we didn’t have a car to drive by to see them. Only on a few occasions did I really see where they were living. Just beyond the cemetery there was a settlement. Some of the people lived in tents. In the fall and winter they would make things to sell. Their bracelets were quite popular. They also sold bouquets of flowers. They would walk all through Newburyport, going house to house, selling their flowers. My mother would invite them in. They were fortune tellers as well and she especially liked to have them read her tea leaves. They would also read her palm. She would have this done each year.

I still recall the small bouquets of May flowers. They were really popular then. My mother would put the flowers in a jar to set on the dining room table. They were always so pretty.

Another big thing in May is Memorial Day. All over the country there are ceremonies to honor those who died serving our country.

Each year a Legionnaire would come to the schools to speak to us young folks. I always thought it was nice listening to them. Who would ever imagine that some day I would be called to serve? It is probably the reason I enjoy the Memorial Day services now, because I came close to being one of those laying under a wooden cross in Europe.

Salisbury has one service each year, usually beginning with a parade. I would always be there to wave and applaud the participants. The program based in our beautiful park is always appreciated. It’s a short service but always very well done. I am so grateful for all those who participate in our service each year. It is also very comforting to know that the same thing is happening all across the country. I only hope it continues in the future. We need that spirit of patriotism in our lives. Let us continue saluting our flag and remember those who gave their lives.

Bob "Boots" Chouinard lives in Salisbury.


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