Warning: Anyone under age 55 should not even bother to read this.

There is nothing here for you. You've been warned. Boomers only.  

What follows are random musings about the television shows of my childhood. If you know who Lisa Douglas is, who played her, and on what show, you may proceed. The two confused millennials who wandered in accidentally may now leave by the rear door. Here we go.

"The Flying Nun": Sally Field was the cutest thing ever as Sister Bertrille, playing a nun who could, somehow, fly. But my question is, not how did she fly, but why was she always hanging out with casino owner Carlos Ramirez? Why was a woman of faith spending so much time with a handsome, randy playboy?

"The Bob Newhart Show": Our first lesson in how an average looking but funny man like Bob Newhart can land a very hot chick like Suzanne Pleshette. It’s interesting to me how much we all appreciated this sophisticated comedy about grownups doing grownup things, even though we were so young. Sigh. Different times.

Of course, everyone loves "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." It’s a requirement to love it — everyone in it was a genius, she was an independent career woman, etc., but let’s not forget Diahann Carroll, who played a similar role on Julia (1968-71) several years before MTM (1970-77). She was the first African American woman to star in a weekly series in a nonstereotypical role.

"I dream of Jeannie:" Who could resist beautiful Barbara Eden as Jeannie and who didn’t want to hang with her pink-cushioned genie bottle? But did she really spend every night in there? Even as a kid, I wasn’t buying this, especially with astronaut Maj. Anthony Nelson, played by the young and handsome Larry Hagman, as her, um, master. I don’t think this show would pass muster these days.

"Hogan’s Heroes:" A comedy set in a World War II German POW camp. Huh. I can still hear Werner Klemperer ‘s Col. Klink yelling, “Hogan!” and John Banner’s Sgt. Shultz sputtering, “I know nuzzink!” like it was yesterday. How often did we kids sprout this phrase in a bad German accent?

Now, let’s go local. I felt the same way about "The Major Mudd Show" (Ed McDonnell) and "Bozo the Clown" (Frank Avruch) as I did about Milk Duds — I didn’t really like them but that didn’t stop me from consuming them in large quantities.

Western-themed "Boomtown," on the other hand, was awesome. Everyone knew some lucky kid who had gotten to be on "Boomtown."

I never did, but cowboy host Rex Trailer once came to my house — he was a pilot, like my father — and the excitement almost killed me. He wasn’t in western gear and didn’t bring his horse, Gold Rush, sadly, but I did get his autograph.

 Admit it, local readers — you’re all singing, “Boom, Boom, Boomtown!” in your heads now, aren’t you?


Marilyn Archibald (archie4618@aol.com, blog: malibu93.webnode.com) watched a lot of television as a kid and regrets none of it.



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