The dreaded Christmas letter; poor thing gets a bad rap, but, I actually think that as long as the detailed story of "a year in the life" isn’t too braggy, they’re kind of nice.

Of course, just like on Facebook, it’s only the good stuff that makes the Christmas letter; who on earth wants to hear about job frustrations, trouble with family or physical ailments. So, in the true spirit of the positive Christmas letter, I will share with you the single-most wonderful thing that has happened to our family in 2019.

The addition of our first grandchild has to be the standout moment of 2019. He has turned our family upside down, in a good way.

He was born in March to our oldest son, who lives 3,000 miles away in Utah. Since then, we have watched our grandson grow via text photos, videos and FaceTime meetings.

He is a happy little boy, literally a dream come true for our family. Since March, we have been on a family group text, all getting pinged consistently, watching that little boy grow into a smiling, laughing, rolling everywhere 9-month-old.

My husband and I have visited with the “little dude” twice – once in May and a second time for a family Thanksgiving in snowy Park City, Utah. We simply played the entire time, holding him, rolling on the floor with him, talking with him, and reading to him.

It was precious. It is truly amazing how much he has transformed all of us, which includes all three of my children and their significant others.

I can clearly remember the joyful spirits of all three of my own babies – they were all happy, and our grandson is no different. That same spirit is evident in him.

He is happy most of the time, and the twinkle in his eye when he responds to any of us is as touching as watching him lay calmly on my husband’s chest, sucking his thumb.

Watching our youngest son and his girlfriend interact with him was also so special; they seemed to soak up every ounce of that baby’s energy. And the proud parents? Well, they are the most loving, doting parents ever.

So, there you have it. In simplest terms, a baby filled our year with goodness, helped us ride through any difficulty, and was truly the best representation of our 2019.

How could we not be uplifted by this little guy? Utah is definitely too far away, so more trips await us.

I hope as you look back on your 2019, that you, too, can find at least one great thing that brings a smile to your face, one thing that warms your heart and washes away any difficulty.

Try to find the good in every day and make 2020 the best year yet!

Kathy Milewski lives in Merrimac and blogs at


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