To the editor:

I’m writing to voice my support for Joe Devlin, candidate for councilor-at-large. Having served on the City Council and in the House of Representatives, I can speak for the qualities that make an effective leader. Common sense, the ability to compromise and the willingness to listen and learn are among the attributes that I find most valuable in political leaders. I have had the opportunity to work closely with Joe Devlin and know that these are attributes that he brings with him. I met Joe Devlin in his capacity as counsel when his client was working with one of my clients. Although we represented clients adverse to one another on the issue, Joe’s insight in this particular area of the law and his willingness to share his time and knowledge to reach a mutually agreeable result for our clients impressed me.

Since our first meeting, I have gotten to know Joe on a personal basis. I was delighted when he told me that he would be seeking a seat on the Newburyport City Council. His fairness and intelligence are traits that will make him an outstanding leader for our community. Most importantly, his willingness to work with all parties to reach a fair and just outcome, something I witnessed personally, will help him be an excellent city councilor. Tuesday you will have the opportunity to vote for five candidates for the at-large position. I ask you to strongly consider casting one of those votes for Joe Devlin.

Mike Costello

Former state representative


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