To the editor:

Due to an error of The Daily News, my family and I have been put through emotional stress and humiliation. You used the word arrested when that was not true. Due to your negligence, you have caused pain and embarrassment to an innocent person.

This type of mistake is truly unacceptable.

Amy James


Editor's note: The person referred to in this letter, Gregory James, was issued a summons by Newburyport police. The Daily News apologizes for the error, and corrected it the day after it was reported.

The Daily News frequently gets questions about charges listed in the police log, particularly regarding summonses. The logs published in The Daily News report the two types of criminal charges that police issue: arrests and summonses.

In an arrest, a person is apprehended by police, charged with a crime, booked and jailed, and often bailed. When someone is summonsed, a letter is sent to the person ordering them to appear in court to answer a criminal charge against them. A summons usually arrives in the person's mailbox several days after it is issued by police and published in The Daily News.

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