To the editor:

The American left, led by the president, has used this sickening event in Newtown to try to take the first steps toward repealing the Second Amendment. I am not a gun owner, but I do recognize that there are people who live in rural areas who indeed should be allowed to carry weapons for the protection of their families or pets. I do agree that we don’t need machine guns or AR-15s to accomplish this.

My problem is that knowing the agenda of the left, they would not stop there (why else would the only measures being discussed are which guns to ban with no discussion about mental health issues, violent video games or all the other issues in this tragedy).

Finally, if we are honest about having a discussion about this, we must also explore the idea of training and arming, even if only with tasers, teachers or at the very least police officers assigned to schools who are prohibited from carrying their weapon to school. Discussions are about talking about things that might actually fix the problem, not about using an event to further a political agenda.

Jack Baumman


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