To the editor:

I wanted to give a shout-out about my friend Dan Blair who is running for School Committee in Newburyport.

I have known Dan since he was born, and have been a friend to his family almost my entire life. So I know firsthand that Dan comes from solid community roots.

Like Dan, I am a product of the Newburyport public schools as well as my two grown children so education in Newburyport is near and dear to me. I was also actively involved in supporting Newburyport education while in the business community before I retired.

Public education was always and continues to be a priority focus of mine.

Over the last few years, I have had the joy of watching Dan’s career prosper in his chosen field of education.

Dan is passionate and able, and his current role as director of athletics at Northern Essex Community College has shown a spotlight on his exceptional leadership qualities during a period where he needed to navigate competently and with quiet strength through COVID and the continuing challenges that have come with that over the last two years.

His love for education is unquestioned, and his desire to be on the School Committee is partly driven by having two children, a mother who had a full career as an educator and who was also a product of Newburyport schools, as well as his own genuine desire to give back to the community he grew up in.

He is very proud of his own public education in Newburyport and wants to do his part in helping preserve the high standards we all have come to expect.

Dan Blair is uniquely well-suited to be on the School Committee and I hope you will consider a vote for him on primary day, Sept. 21.

Charlie Cullen


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