To the editor:

Newburyport is less than a week away from its preliminary election.

There are three candidates on the ballot for mayor and two will move forward to the final election on Nov. 2.

I see two serious candidates: Sean Reardon and Charlie Tontar. Both have training and experience in governing our city and clear, well-articulated plans.

There is a third candidate, Warren Russo, who apparently sees the office of mayor as a path toward a dictatorial approach to running a city.

Many of us might like to be “Mayor for a Day” and be able to confront our pet peeves, but Newburyport doesn’t work like that.

We have a city charter and the shared roles of the City Council, various committees and the office of mayor are spelled out clearly.

It is sometimes not pretty, but it is reality and ignorance of these processes will not make them go away.

Furthermore, presenting a list of pet projects with no solid plan to pay for them sounds like empty promises.

However, my primary concern is Russo’s denial of climate science and his dismissal of the role of fossil fuel emissions in the climate problems we are experiencing today.

These problems are only going to get worse and at some point imperiled properties on Plum Island and elsewhere will become uninsurable due to the heightened risks.

We as individuals, as a city, and as a nation need to take action now.

Blaming these growing problems on nonsense such as a wobble in the Earth’s axis is irresponsible.

There is too much at stake to allow a climate denier to get even close to a high position in our local government.

Please vote on Sept. 21 — there is much at stake.

Clifford A. Goudey


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