To the editor:

Why is Amesbury in Division 7 and Newburyport in Division 4?

The answer is simply that Amesbury High School currently has 465 students and Newburyport High School 785 students. But the real question is why the 320-student difference?

Amesbury has a population of 17,356 and spends $2,000 per capita on the school budget and Newburyport has a population of 18,386 and spends $1,951 per capita on their school budget.

Before I continue, I would like to apologize to Mel Webster and Maryann Welch for including them in the “woke” category in a previous letter to the editor. They have proven to me that they are dedicated School Committee members and they have the very best interests of the children of my beloved Amesbury in their efforts.

Now, let’s look at the latest MCAS scores. Better yet, why don’t you look them up because I’m too upset to repeat them.

So, where do we go from here? I’m sure that Newburyport High School will continue on its path of excellence, while Amesbury has to spend the next five years dealing with tearing down all things related to the Indian and replacing it with the block letter A.

Then, they will have to replace it again with the new identifier, which will take another few years. The costs related to these efforts in terms of manhours of disruption and real costs apparently will come out of the school budget – or to put it another way, will come out of our children’s education.

As a proud member of the Amesbury Charter Commission that created our strong mayoral form of government, we could not envision that a future mayor would take an 11% loss in a survey and call it a win with her vote.

We thought that the mayor would represent all of the residents with a citywide vote on any issues with the School Committee, which we made the mayor the head of. Oh well, as they say, power corrupts!

Finally, I wish all Amesbury teachers the very best in this difficult situation that your School Committee has put your students and you in.

We are aware that you have had to spend time with your students conducting the survey and you will have to spend time dealing with the disruptions ahead in removing the Indian. You have our complete respect and support!



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