To the editor:

I am writing in response to the article titled “‘Bubble drive’ helps pantry” published in your newspaper on Monday, Oct. 18.

I am writing because I thought that this article not only creates awareness that people in our area need help but also motivates others to also donate to those in need.

I thought the article was clever when it showed how problems that many view as individual issues are actually issues that the whole community face.

The article reveals that we are all in this together, and that rather than creating separation between those who are less fortunate, we can all progress together.

I appreciate how you included that buying soap is a low priority for those with limited incomes, for many it puts into perspective how fortunate we are to live well, and makes people like me want to do anything we can to help others in our communities.

As someone who has grown up in Newburyport, I can’t help but to want the best for my community and people.

Events like the bubble drive are exactly what we need more of, to show that people who struggle with a limited income are not alone in this fight and that this issue isn’t just an issue for those who are struggling, it is an issue for every member of the community, and the more everyone helps out, the greater and stronger our communities are.

Holden Weese

James Madison University

Harrisonburg, Va.

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