To the editor:

Over the last few weeks, there have been many letters to The Daily News in support of Charlie Tontar for mayor of Newburyport. I concur that he has the requisite strengths and abilities to enter the job on day one.

I would like to add another quality of Charlie’s that I witnessed while campaigning door to door with him in my neighborhood — Charlie is a good listener and doesn’t need to be the “expert” on all things “Newburyport.”

He valued the opinions, concerns and expertise of those he spoke to at each home. He knows that the “lived experience” of those in our neighborhoods is what really counts. And, the only way to know that lived experience is to listen carefully, not be thinking of a comeback or retort.

I trust Charlie Tontar to be the mayor of all of Newburyport and know our residents will be very well-served.

Linda Lu Burciaga


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