To the editor:

How reassuring it was overnight to hear the plows preparing the streets for the morning commute and to know that those who had to leave their homes in the early morning would be able to do so more easily.

We take safe, salted roads for granted but I want to send a big thank-you to Tony Furnari, director of Newburyport's Department of Public Services (DPS), for managing all of this so well.

When we drive around our beautiful city, we can see other evidence of a well-run and competent DPS. The Merrimac Street project, among others, come to mind as I write this.

I know that there are many other devoted city employees who are great at their jobs, particularly as they face the constraints of working around COVID, but the work of the DPS, which covers all of Newburyport's infrastructure, is vital to our overall well-being.

So from one very happy resident, I thank Tony Furnari and the DPS employees for all that they do to help us have the confidence that our water, road and the myriad of other services they see to are in place to keep Newburyport the gem that it is.

Jeanette Isabella


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