To the editor:

On May 7, the chairman of the Board of Assessors wrote a letter to the editor in the Newburyport News titled “In West Newbury, where facts matter.”

Let’s look at some facts. In the article, he claimed that his personal tax assessment went down since 2016 because his basement flooded. In fact, the major reason his assessment went down was because he obtained a wetlands conservation restriction in January 2017 and his land valuation was reduced.

This is recorded on his property record card. He is a longtime member of the Board of Assessors and a member of the Conservation Commission and should be fully aware of any rules affecting tax valuations. I am curious as to why he did not remember the actual facts.

My opponent in this election recently circulated campaign material by having it illegally attached to the outside of mailboxes instead of paying postage. The material appeared to imply that his campaign was endorsed by the town clerk.

This, of course, is not true because a town employee cannot endorse a candidate for town office.

Two points to consider before voting.

1. Facts do matter! The voters need to decide if they want made-up “facts” or actual facts backed by data.

2. Do you want to vote for someone who inappropriately distributes misleading campaign materials?

Walter Burmeister

West Newbury

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