To the editor:

The income and asset limits in Amesbury, to qualify for the over 70 property tax break, are out of whack with reality.

I know seniors in other cities and towns in Massachusetts who are in better income and/or assets circumstances than I, and receive the property tax break in their municipality.

The number of seniors who qualify in Amesbury is absurdly low. Most of us who hover just above the outer limits are, I will venture to say, retired and not invested in the stock market. Therefore, no new income, no new money showing up in our pockets.

Just what we have retired with after decades of working and paying our full boat in taxes.

I commend Councilor Richard Marggraf for bringing this issue into the new City Council and I urge the other council members to look at the realities of how little it would mean for the overall tax picture spread out among all the citizens of Amesbury, versus how much a little break in this bill would mean to a lot of us seniors.

Didi Leonard



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