To the editor:

The American dream which Trump has skillfully turned into the international nightmare may end soon, but don’t bet on it.

Greed and personal ambition have handily trumped — no pun intended — patriotism as we unfortunately found out. We knew that in the case of Trump, but the betrayal of Congress is beyond staggering.

To allow this farce to continue is tantamount to allowing The Three Stooges to continue fixing your plumbing problem even after evaluating the quality of their work. Mo Trump gives us a few slaps and an eye poke or two, and the problem is solved.

What I don’t think is apparent to most is that the day may come when another demagogue like Trump is likely to emerge. But the next one is unlikely to be a transparent idiot like Trump.

He or she just might be smart, calculating and have an unrelenting drive for one nefarious agenda or another. How will we ever deal with that situation when our leaders are at a total loss as to how to handle the crimes and treachery of this administration and no clue on how to reverse its course.

We claim to the world that “we are better than this,” but I, for one, have my doubts.

Until we begin to seriously solve the real problems we face like the self-serving greed of Congress, the Electoral College farce, campaign financing, and on and on, we are a long way from “better than this.”

We are in fact what Bill Parcells once told his underachieving Giants: “You are what your record says you are,” and by any measurement, our record is dismal.

If we can’t hold Trump and his gang accountable for the damage unleashed on our democracy, then "We’re better than this" is just a meaningless phrase.

Jack Flynn


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