To the editor:

I feel like John Burciaga’s “As I See It” (”Seeing red over blackface”, Feb. 28) was a very important topic to bring back to the public eye.

We all know that blackface is wrong, we know the terrible repercussions and the irreparable history behind it. Based on the Gucci and Katy Perry products, I am not sure if people are blinded by their desire for success in the fashion world but we, the consumers, the viewers, know that this is wrong. I hope that in the coming weeks, these products will be highly publicized in the wrong way.

The fashion industry has made the mistake of including blackface in their products one too many times. It should not happen at all, but here we are in the third product of 2019. Hopefully, this time we will not forget, and we can start to create fashion products in the right mindset.

Victoria Grinnings


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