To the editor:

I am confused about the protest gathering on Saturday in Market Square. I thought large public gatherings are not allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For months thousands of Newburyport residents have abided by the mayor's social distancing and face-covering safety protocols, and continue to do so.

Were all the protestors at least six feet apart at all times? Did Newburyport police enforce that rule? If not, why not? It appears from the newspaper photograph that social distancing was not observed or enforced.

Are there separate rules for "special" events? What is going on? Hundreds of meetings and gatherings in Newburyport have been canceled and reformatted since February. Why was the protest allowed? It appears that a double standard has been applied. Could our police marshal and mayor please explain this to me? I am confused. Is there a political litmus test for Newburyport gatherings of which I am not aware?

Why was this gathering allowed?

Bradley Green


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