To the editor:

It can happen here, in Newburyport. It did.

Monday morning, we found out that ICE had visited our town last week and abducted one of our neighbors of over 12 years.

We were dismayed by the news and certainly heartened by the next day's coverage of the mayor's and clergy's swift responses. We also appreciated Sen. O'Connor Ives' well-articulated comments. The senator encouraged us to call our congressional reps., though we're sure Seth Moulton is already doing whatever he can about this issue.

Make no mistake, what we are seeing is no more or less than the effect of Trump's racism and fears, which are reflective of the racism and fears of those who support him.

The resemblance to fascist tactics and even the events in Nazi Germany is too strong for comfort. It is our hope that as a community we can find ways to prevent this victimization of innocent people from happening again here – and can be a part of a larger effort to prevent it from happening elsewhere in our nation as well.

Sharon and Gene Wintner

State Street


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