To the editor:

I am writing about claims that President Trump was withholding Ukrainian defense funds because of his “patriotism.”

The funding was being withheld for the purpose of extorting a phony investigation announcement against one of the president’s rivals — not patriotic at all.

As for the remainder of this writer’s remarks as to what funding might be used for — infrastructure, clean water, river pollution, homelessness and our schools — it doesn’t take much research to find that the current administration has, in fact, taken steps which exacerbate each one.

The fact is that Trump’s policies are designed for one purpose only — reelection to the office he has so far defiled.

It’s funny how he issued emergency orders to fund his bone headed wall, but nothing for the other items on the writer’s list.

As for his patriotism, we have his bone spurs deferments, his too cozy relationship with Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin, his avoidance of paying taxes and refusal to release his returns, even as he criticizes his opponents’ dealings based on their publicly released information.

Trump is a snake-oil salesman who has managed to take advantage of loyal Americans to advance his personal interests at our country’s expense. He has no idea how to lead this country and is doing lasting damage to us and our allies.

The big questions are, why is the GOP going along with him, and will he be removed before it’s too late to recover from his dirty dealing?

Leonard Gallivan



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