To the editor:

Do you want to be represented by an open minded and effective problem solver who has successfully taken on thorny issues ranging from sewage overflow in the Merrimack to garnering resources needed to open a senior center to providing essential goods to thousands of children in poverty? Whose values are grounded in her desire for fair and just economic and environmental policies to meet the needs of all people across the district?

I do. That is why I am urging you to vote for Christina Eckert for state representative. When she tackles problems, she emerges as a leader who works closely with the community towards solutions.

I trust Christina to be a leader that will support public education, who will advocate for the Merrimack River, and will help lead our district to recover from COVID-19 in a way that protects the most vulnerable, including our seniors and essential workers.

Plus, and this is icing on the cake, she is as bright, kind, and humble as can be.

Pam Wool



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