To the editor:

Great success starts with great leadership and the foundation of any great city is based on trust. If that’s important to you, and you stop reading here, go vote for Mayor Kassandra Gove on Nov. 2.

My wife and I have been residents here for a little less than two years, just missing the opportunity to participate in the prior election.

We couldn’t be happier with the city’s election of Mayor Gove. We’ve continuously been impressed with her efforts, thus far in her seat, putting out fires the former mayor left for her, and navigating our city through a very volatile pandemic while somehow still finding time to make her mark, setting forth her goals for our city via a practical approach towards fulfilling that vision.

We don’t consider ourselves to be the most political of people, but think we’re a pretty good judge of character. If you believe transparency is an important characteristic among our or any civic leader, vote Gove. If you want a leader who you see on the regular, out and about, embracing all aspects of the city she loves, vote Gove.

I don’t know many mayors who have the time, willingness and desire to actively engage via an open communication platform with their constituents on a weekly basis through a live stream. I can almost guarantee this will be no longer without her. One of the biggest takeaways when tuning in is her display of candidness. If there is something she doesn’t know or can’t answer, her can-do attitude shines through and makes note to find out.

It’s quite obvious, Mayor Gove has the best interests at heart for this city and it’s demonstrated as she continues to benchmark Amesbury against the very best of cities. We can’t wait to see what she will do at least over the next two years and hopefully four more after that, when our city votes to move away from this ludicrous two year term.

Please join us in voting for Mayor Kassandra Gove on Nov. 2.

Ashley and Caren Steeves


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