To the editor:

Getting media coverage for your city in the Boston Business Journal might seem impossible for a small-town mayor, but Amesbury’s Mayor Gove made it happen.

She submitted "A suburban mayor's open letter to Boston commuters," and the Boston Business Journal published it on July 16. The Journal has a circulation of 18,376 and 442,093 unique monthly readers.

Gove demonstrated her strategic ingenuity by addressing the letter to commuters, yet also speaking to those at the helm of a city. To commuters, she acknowledged unpaid commute time.

To those who run a city she advised: “Now, as many companies opt to remain remote, municipalities have an obligation to make their communities more welcoming and enticing for hybrid workers over the long term.”

She then spelled out what her administration has done to serve hybrid workers, describing our outdoor office space that has Wi-Fi, a solar-powered charging station, and a shade sail. She went on to describe eco-friendly playground equipment and a bike corral — a place where a working mom or dad can bring their child and have a secure internet connection.

Reading Mayor Gove’s letter, I imagined a remote worker making a note to self: “Ask our Realtor about listings in Amesbury.”

But the true genius of it was that the BBJ is read by tens of thousands of business owners and executives in Greater Boston — executives who now know there’s a quaint little city in the northeast corner of the state that’s wired for the 21st century.

Those CEOs will add Amesbury to their list of desirable places to relocate their business — where the rent is more affordable and their employees will want to live.

This kind of creative thinking is one reason Amesbury needs the continued leadership of Kassandra Gove. She’s not your mother’s mayor. I’m old enough to be her mother and old enough to recognize a keeper.

She’s the fourth mayor I’ve known in Amesbury and her commitment to the city surpasses anything I’ve ever seen.

What closes the deal for me is that being our mayor is not a stepping stone for her. She’s not a politician.

She wakes up every day, not thinking about herself, but coming up with new ideas for how to improve the lives of residents and how to make Amesbury a more lucrative location for business owners.

Christine Green


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