To the editor:

The value of “community” guided our decision to move to Amesbury several years ago. 

Part of my profession has been developing strong leadership for different kinds of organizations. It has become clear that Kassandra Gove combines the balance of a collaborative, thoughtful and inclusive approach to leading with intelligence, concrete skills, and a clear realistic plan for creating a fiscally and operationally healthy community.

We were disheartened to read a recent letter to the editor in which the writer misunderstood and misrepresented what Kassandra said about the city of Peabody as it relates to our town.

The good news for the writer of this letter is that he and Kassandra are on the same page. Kassandra answered a question about preservation of green space in Amesbury. She responded with a cautionary comment about how careful we must be that Amesbury not end up like Peabody with regard to development. 

Kassandra has answered all questions directly. Get in touch with her and you will experience her accessibility, intelligence, humility and honesty. She has the technical skills along with the passion that comes from being a fifth generation Amesbury native to implement a thoughtful, practical plan for improving our community.

Just one example is her belief that we deserve full transparency regarding specifically where our hard-earned money is being spent. She has a very straightforward plan to implement this. We would appreciate a way to clearly track this process in live time.

We have never seen the head of a chamber be so community oriented, which shows us who she is as a leader. From the moment she arrived, she expanded her efforts to include measurable community improvements which were not officially part of her job. If she hit a roadblock, she found alternative ways to move projects forward that have enriched our town.

Kassandra embodies a natural calm that allows her to avoid impulsive reactions and craft meaningful responses to problems. Proactive rather than reactive.

Kassandra Gove combines the energy, technical and financial skills, and an understanding of how to solve the problems we face in a modern world with the passion that comes with having such deep Amesbury roots.

She genuinely loves this town and is driven by her value of steadfast commitment, integrity and service, first and foremost.

Debra and Jon Hickok


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