To the editor:

I have visited several retired people over the past few days, some who are in their 90s. Not one would even open the door despite the fact I was wearing a surgical mask.

I had to ask myself just why it is that Americans simply do not deal well with the issue of mortality. Add to that a strong sense of entitlement and feelings of exceptionalism, and you have the reason for this massive overreaction to a virus that kills less than 1% of its victims.

In 2017, around 80,000 Americans died from the flu. By today’s logic, we should have had a national shutdown that year to isolate the killer viruses.

Also, for every one American who will die from COVID-19, maybe 10 times more will die from coronavirus-related shutdown stress and suicide over their financial ruination. Hunger, disease, lack of access to health care — and possibly even civil strife — will kill further millions.

As for surgical masks and social distancing displaying how much we care about one another, well, I don’t buy it. For example, if conservatives truly cared about human life, they would agitate for stricter gun control and universal health care.

They would also oppose our bomb-dropping foreign policy. If liberals really cared about human life, they would oppose abortion and demonstrate against the famine that the U.S. embargo has caused in Venezuela.

In reality, people only care about themselves and their family. Anyway, you can bet that the consequences of this artificial economic collapse with a $4 trillion federal deficit this year alone (!) are going to mean the end of this country as we know it.

No doubt that history books of the future will note that Americans chose to destroy their own nation due to illogic and overblown panic.

Christopher Phillips

West Newbury

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