To the editor:

As a former Massachusetts resident who moved to New Hampshire to escape Massachusetts taxes, corruption, poor roads, etc., I now see “Mass.” migration of liberalism that is going to teach us New Hampshire hicks how to run our state!

First, let’s start with the roads. Have you driven from Salisbury Beach to Hampton Beach on Route 1A lately? You just have to survive the trip until you reach the line at Route 286 and hope that your car hold together.

It’s a similar trip on roads leading to Seabrook from Massachusetts. But wait, when New Hampshire gets completely converted, we can pass a massive infrastructure bill that will provide several layers of high-paying jobs to manage the effort, none of which will involve shovels. Then, our roads will become just like Massachusetts roads.

Now that we have passed our massive infrastructure bill, we need to pay for it. Hey, I know, let’s pass a state income tax and state sales tax. They will cover free health care (after all health care is a right). We can also add housing for all illegal immigrants, and free college education for all. I could go on and on.

I’m an elderly man that dreams of the old days where independent, honest people worked hard for a living and didn’t expect help form any government. Most of us proudly served our great country.

While the “Mass.” migration woke folks probably dream of becoming a socialist utopia, I look at history and wonder why anyone would want to emulate Venezuela or other countries.

Oh, but today’s brand of proposed socialism is different and it will work this time. Surely you jest!

John R. Carter


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