To the editor:

I am writing in support of the candidacy of Afroz Khan for Newburyport city councilor at large.

I first met Afroz when we worked on the planning committee for the Bresnahan School Cultural Night. Afroz was an enthusiastic, dynamic and supportive leader who was dedicated to ensuring that Newburyport students were exposed to other cultures and traditions.

When Afroz first ran for City Council two years ago, I had the privilege of seeing her evolve from a leader on the PTO to a candidate who applied her training as an engineer, her analytical mind and her innate curiosity to study the issues affecting Newburyport residents. Her positions derived from in-depth study and a willingness to see both sides of an issue before taking a stance.

A significant part of Afroz’s research involved speaking with Newburyport residents directly to better understand their concerns. I had the opportunity to accompany Afroz as she canvassed on Plum Island, and was impressed then, as I am now, with her easy manner, her ability to engage with people, and the thoughtful way in which she listened and discussed her opinions, even if her positions differed from the individual with whom she was speaking.

As a city councilor, Afroz has continued to forge a direct dialogue with her constituents. She organized the community forum on retail marijuana in June 2018, frequently conducts resident surveys on specific concerns, and hosts quarterly meetings at Port Tavern that are open to all residents.

Afroz is a tireless advocate for the residents of Newburyport. She is always willing to do the hard work necessary to lead in our community.

I enthusiastically support Afroz Khan for Newburyport city councilor at large.

Kat Preftes


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