To the editor:

Freedom of speech is under attack the world over by left-wing extremists.

In a recent case, the Australian rugby player Israel Folau was terminated from his contract because he posted an Instagram post essentially saying that homosexuals and atheists are in danger of going to hell and that they should repent.

Now, whether or not you agree with this view should not be the issue; rather, the issue should be Folau’s right to free speech and to express his personal opinions without losing his job. The same liberals who claim to be champions of personal freedoms are more than happy to take away other people’s rights when they disagree with their views.

Also, consider this: It is only recently that homosexuality has been considered normal. For millennia, the major religions of the world as well as the ancient Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle have all viewed homosexuality as being disordered.

Even in ancient Greece where homosexuality between men was widespread, there was never marriage between two people of the same sex.

George Pappas


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