To the editor:

Why bother to replace the current 41C with 41C½, the Newburyport senior tax exemption proposal? Because more elderly Newburyport homeowners will be able to remain in Newburyport and in their own homes.

What’s new about 41C½?

It removes the requirement that places a limit on assets. It increases the exemption on property tax for qualifying homeowners. It sets the qualifying age to 70 years or older (current 41C participants in their 60s are “grandfathered in”). And it requires a minimum of 10 years as a Massachusetts resident and five years as a homeowner.

What do we need to know? That the only way 41C½ can become law is for voters of Newburyport to vote for it in November.

But there are two deadlines prior to that.

July 8: The Budget & Finance Committee must vote to send 41C½ to the City Council for placing it on the November ballot. The three members of the B&F Committee are Sharif Zeid (978-225-2750); Charles Tontar (978-701-3819); and Afroz Khan (617-504-3475). Call them now.

July 15: The City Council must approve placing 41C½ on the November ballot. Contact your ward councilor and at-large councilors.

Show up for the City Council meeting on Monday, July 15, at 7:30 p.m. in City Hall. Show our councilors that the voters in November should be the ones to vote on this.

Yes, do bother to make your voice heard – by the Budget & Finance Committee, by our city councilors, and at the ballot box in November.

Watch for more details in your Daily News and at the library and Senior/Community Center.

Jo An Kincaid