To the editor:

On Tuesday, Nov. 12, at 7:30 p.m., a Special Town Meeting will take place at the Sweetsir School, Merrimac.

The passing of warrant article 12 will allow a zoning change: To permit a limited adult use retail marijuana establishment license within an existing licensed medical marijuana dispensary located at 17 Broad St., Merrimac.

To highlight the financial benefits of adult use marijuana retail shop sales, a comparison has been done with the western Massachusetts town of Great Barrington to Merrimac: Both are very similar in demographics, real estate and surrounding areas.

Within the first two quarters of sales, Great Barrington has yielded $480,000 in tax revenue, which was paid directly to that town.

On Nov. 12, at Special Town Meeting, a "yes" approval vote on warrant article 12 will financially benefit our town of Merrimac with similar revenue, which could assist in stabilizing real estate taxes and increasing Merrimac’s general fund — for much-needed capital improvement projects and services that enhance our safety and quality of life.

In 2016, our town overwhelmingly voted "yes" on Question 4 to allow the adult use of marijuana by 55.1% compared to a "no" vote of 44.9%, equaling a 10.2 percentage-point majority vote.

However, to secure the increase in town revenue, this warrant article 12 vote must now pass with a two-thirds majority vote!

Please join me in encouraging all Merrimac voters – neighbors, family and friends – to come out and vote "yes" on Article 12 on Tuesday at Sweetsir School.

Transportation to this Special Town Meeting continuation is available by calling 978-423-1182.

Help to bring needed tax revenue to our town. Your support, attendance and "yes" vote are needed.

Debbie Teague


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