To the editor:

We look to our state representative to lead on the issues important to our district.

This is especially important today because the status quo has become untenable — for us, our family and friends, future generations and likely you as well.

Stark inequities exist in all facets of our lives, from housing, education, jobs and wealth accumulation to living daily without fear and racist microaggressions. Environmental degradation continues at a rapid pace despite clear evidence that we can clean up our rivers, air and land use and slow the changes in climate that threaten the well-being of future generations.

These are big issues that need to be addressed at all levels of government. We want to see our state representative leading the charge and collaborating with others to effect real change.

Jim Kelcourse is well-liked, shows up at local events and, by many accounts, effectively handles constituent complaints. But he has not shown himself to be a leader or even active collaborator on the full range of issues important in our area.

Amber Hewett’s agenda is better aligned with the central challenges of our time. She has the experience, energy and temperament to move the Legislature toward solutions. She has our vote on Nov. 3.

Joe Carper and Sue McKittrick


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