To the editor:

Amesbury’s school system is at a crossroads, with many significant decisions that need to be made by the community in order to better support our amazing teacher staff. Clearly, one of the most pressing is addressing the condition of Amesbury Elementary, which can no longer be left as is. Still, what has yet to be discussed openly with the community is the future of the current school site if a new school is to be built near Cashman Elementary. With no evidence of a plan, it would be our guess that its future would be like that of the Horace Mann School on Congress Street – left to decay and atrophy while bringing down home values in the neighborhood and be a hot spot for delinquent activity.

Rumors are being floated of additional grand schemes if the school were to move to the Woodsom Farm neighborhood; unfortunately, as is often the case, there is no open discussion taking place. As we continue to experience, Amesbury is hush hush about important decisions that we, as the people who live here, should be a part of via comprehensive community planning. The conception of an idea, the process behind the major decisions, and the full end game. There are countless questions that many still have on the details of this major decision, yet the full picture is lacking. We are being actively coerced into pushing a deal through with no concrete grasp on its full ramifications.

We all encourage our children to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever they can, right? Taking positive actions that reap positive consequences. Helping our Mother Earth stay as healthy as we can should be every generation’s goal. What is building a new school and further damaging our already dwindling available open space instead of restoring a site that is already existing, teaching our children? The art of hypocrisy. Do as I say, not as I do, mentality and how to be wasteful and careless.

So many of us want change in our lives, or in the world itself, yet find it hard to take the first step towards that change. To make change, though, sometimes you must be the change yourself. You must send a small ripple out that gathers others to form the tidal wave.

We all have the ability to openly communicate and collaborate, which are major components in creating a strong team. One that stands together against adversity, power players, and those who are complacent. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated, “The time is always right to do what is right.” So, do not be afraid to step away from the sidelines of life and walk onto the field even if you think it means you might be the only one on it. Others will gather and see that they too, so long for change but did not know how to create it, find it or support it. You have more of a voice than you realize.

Jillian Semesnyei




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