To the editor:

I write in response to Fred Doucette’s recent letter to the editor regarding the impeachment hearings.

Doucette writes in his opening statement that Nancy Pelosi invented the “false charges” against President Trump. Doucette is a Salem, New Hampshire, state representative – his constituents should insist that he take the time to actually read the Constitution.

Our Constitution provides for impeachment as a mechanism to remove a president who violates the oath of office under circumstances that our founders feared more than 200 years ago. Specifically, that a president would allow a foreign government to interfere in the sanctity of our elections and our democracy.

Contrary to what Doucette writes, the majority of Americans do not believe the process is a sham. By almost all leading polls, including a recent one conducted by the very conservative Fox News, a majority of those polled support Trump’s impeachment.

Nancy Pelosi didn’t create this mess – Trump did. He made a telephone call to the newly elected president of Ukraine during which he requested his help in investigating the Bidens in return for the United States releasing already appropriated funds to aid in their defense. We know this because Trump released a summary of the “perfect” call. We also know this because he stood on the lawn of the White House and stated again that he asked Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. He went on to publicly urge China to do the same thing.

His chief of staff Mick Mulvaney admitted during a press conference that Trump asked Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, that it was a quid pro quo, that it happens all the time and we should just “get over it.” His appointed ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, testified that of course it was a quid pro quo and everyone knew about it.

Doucette’s statement that the Democrats don’t have the facts on their side is patently absurd. At no time since the whistleblower filed his/her complaint has anyone credibly disputed the fact that Trump used his position of power to personally benefit his own reelection campaign. Instead, the Republicans have attacked the process and the integrity of career professionals who have devoted decades of their lives serving their country.

It would be impossible to listen to the testimony of Maria Yovanovich, Fiona Hill, Kurt Volker, Alexander Vindman and others and conclude anything but that the president used his position to advance his own personal goals. We now know that the funds were withheld less than two hours after the “perfect” call.

It is worthy to note that Trump has not offered a single witness who could testify that what has been alleged is untrue. He has refused to allow John Bolton, Milk Mulvaney, Mike Pompeo, Rudy Giuliani and others to testify. Why? I think the answer is obvious. If the president had any facts on his side, surely he would have put them into evidence.

Amy Treseler



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