To the editor:

Banning vaping products will help lessen the usage of nicotine from the youth, but it won’t stop people from using them altogether.

Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, said, “They’re either going to go across state lines, go to the black or gray markets, or turn back to cigarettes.”

If the state regulators think raising the age to buy e-cigarettes by a few years will make a difference, then they have another thing coming. These devices were made for a different reason and now the companies are advertising so that teens will want their product even more. This epidemic of vaping has gone out of control.

To top it all off, this “ban” isn’t going to happen until Dec. 24 because there was an emergency order that it be held off. It was originally going to be for Dec. 11, which would be much better because the sooner this ban goes into effect, the sooner these teens stop with their addictions.

I feel bad for these kids who started from not smoking to smoking every day because their friends do it and everyone says it’s “cool.”

The health officials are the ones holding this ban back even further, which is absurd because at least 37 people have died from vaping, two of them being from Massachusetts. The statistics are out there for everyone to see, but Dec. 11 is “too soon” to ban the products.

I suggest sooner rather than later.

Mackenzie Schmink


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