To the editor:

Feb. 1, 2020, marks the 15th anniversary of one of Newburyport’s gems – Newburyport Youth Services.

The awesome staff at NYS have provided enriching and affordable programs for my kids and thousands of other kids every summer, every school vacation week, every half day and every staff development day over the years.

And as my kids grew and became more independent, NYS was there to support them with age-appropriate camps, day trips, movie nights, fun dances and a middle school drop-in youth club, which currently has over one-quarter of the entire Nock School enrolled as members.

What a gift NYS is to our city! To have a safe supportive place for our youth to thrive is priceless for everyone in Newburyport.

Newburyport Youth Services deserves a permanent place to call home, one that fits their needs: an outdoor space, rooms that are designed with the kids’ needs at the forefront, a parking lot that won’t be taken up by resident parking, and somewhere that is easily accessed from all areas of the city: north, south, east or west.

The proposed site on Low Street, in my view, would be perfect. Situated directly across from the Molin and Nock schools, and steps away from the River Valley Charter School, means many more kids would be able to easily access NYS after-school programs.

I say we get behind the proposed move away from the old Brown School and give NYS what it deserves in its 15th anniversary year: a new home, purpose designed to fit the needs of this fantastic Newburyport institution.

Rachel Forrest-Hay


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