To the editor:

This November, we are given the opportunity to promote positive change by voting for the partnership of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris is another demonstration of his ability to listen to, respect and act with others. He is known for his ability to work “across the aisle,” demonstrating that the work of government needs the contribution of many and different voices.

Kamala Harris is an unwavering champion for justice and equality, for public lands and clean air, for protecting and expanding health care, and for Native Americans and immigrant communities. She will work with Biden to help create a more just and secure country and to work toward solving the gross distributional problems that lie at the heart of global inequality and security.

Noted South African author and educator Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, speaking of her experience with her country’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, said, “We are interdependent humans, not stances.”

We need to counter the bitter words and signs of hate too prevalent in the current administration, and commit to work together productively, despite our differing views and actions. Our individual and collective actions have never been more important.

The Biden/Harris ticket is our best bet for leading the country toward tolerance of others’ views.

Patricia Walker


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