To the editor:

As a 25-year resident of Newburyport who values the historic nature of our city, I’d like to voice my opposition to the proposed expansion at 93 State St. that is in front of the Newburyport Planning Board.

The project expands, intensifies and adds nonconformities to three historic streets and fails to consider the long-prevailing styles of homes in the neighborhood.

The application by the Institution for Savings for a special permit is part of a disturbing trend in Newburyport to carve off historic elements within the city in favor of the development of businesses. Consider the recent proposals for Waterfront West, the parking area at 193 High St., and the hotel along the Clipper City Rail Trail.

I’m hopeful that a solution that meets the IFS’ needs while respecting the neighborhood is possible. If not, I’m happy to see the rapid growth of opposition across Newburyport citizens to the IFS’ application for a special permit.

Eric Goodness


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