To the editor:

Summer is here. Kids are enjoying vacation from school. Everyone is relaxing, taking advantage of the great summer time area we live in. But, all too shortly, for the kids at least, school will be starting up before you know it.

School safety will once again become a concern for every single parent of every single kid that spends the day away from their loving arms. How are we going to protect them? Money is a key factor in what can be done. It is very expensive to run schools now, let alone adding security features that were once thought unimaginable.

One option, free of charge, is available for anyone who wants it. The National School Shield Program will come in, assess every aspect of security and vulnerability, and work with school and public safety officials to come up with plans to enhance the protection of our most valuable assets: Our kids! What’s the catch? Well, this program is designed and sponsored and funded by, wait — the National Rifle Association.

Now, before you go off saying they are going to arm teachers, students, custodians and crossing guards, and place machine gun nests on the roofs and at the entrances, just take some time to take a breath and think. The NRA and its six million members fund and support the experts who will walk into a school system, with no history there, no bias as to what has been done in the past, and create a specialized plan, fresh set of eyes, if you will.

No two schools are ever the same, so there are no cookie cutter, premade plans, Every situation is unique, no one size fits all. I think it is worth the effort to bring in such a valuable resource. A phone call starts the process.

More information can be gathered and an open decision can then be made. They will also assist in raising funds for the effort. Again, many will be vehemently opposed to this, but take this one thing into consideration: What if, God forbid, something happens, don’t be put in the position of “Why didn’t we do more?”

It is worth the time to explore this option. This is a call to city and town leaders all over the region to, basically, make a call. Maybe it works out, maybe it doesn’t. But put yourself in the position of a go-getter, a seeker, a doer.

Jeffrey Chaisson

Haverhill Road


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