To the editor:

Apparently, a bolt of lightning has struck and destroyed the well-known painted mural of George Floyd's face on the side of a brick building in Toledo, Ohio.

And I think that people are jumping to conclusions regarding this.

Donald Trump Jr. has at least intimated publicly that God is responsible for the event. 

Unless it was just a random lightning strike with no ulterior political statement, I see this differently. If we're going to blame supernatural forces, it makes more sense to me that Satan would be responsible for this, to achieve his mischievous end of causing more strife and division among the races.

And because Trump Jr. opened his big mouth and blamed God, that gives believers a bad name, and makes us look like a bunch of racists, which is something else that the devil would really enjoy.

Why on earth would God want to desecrate the memory of Floyd, especially with the horrible injustice surrounding his murder?

This is a question that I would like to have Trump Jr. and others explain: What kind of message do they suppose that God is sending because it just doesn't make any sense to me.

Robert Rousseau


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